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Resources: Software & Websites

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  • www.ArtofProblemSolving.com
  • www.hoodamath.com
  • www.mathforum.org: The Math Forum at Drexel University. This is a great resource that has a lot of activities in math education. In addition to having extensive links to math activities around the web, they have their own activities such as “Ask Dr. Math” and problems of the week.
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  • Clue Finders (Learning Company)
  • Jumpstart (Knowledge Adventure)
  • Math Blaster (Davidson)
  • Math Munchers Deluxe (MECC)
  • Millie’s Math House (Edmark)
  • Mosaic Magic (Kinder Magic Software): This is perhaps the most elegant program of the group, though it is not very well known. In this program your child will play with basic, flat shapes and how they can be rotated, reflected, and colored in. The object of each activity is to find the pattern of a drawing, and use pieces that the child constructs to fill in the missing pieces. Giving the sequence of directions for creating new pieces requires some careful thought that will teach your child a lot.
  • Number Maze (Great Wave Software)
  • Reader Rabbits Math Adventure (Learning Company)
  • Star Wars: Pit Droids (Lucas Arts Entertainment): This provides wonderful practice in finding patterns and learning how to describe those patterns. The patterns use colors, objects, and movements, and range from very easy to nearly impossible.
  • Treasure Mathstorm (MECC)
  • Zoombinis Logical Journey (Broderbund): This game provides practice with logical skills.
  • Zoombinis Mountain Rescue (Broderbund): This game provides practice with logical skills.

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