Dr. Wright's Kitchen Table Math

“After a couple of weeks of playing games from Kitchen Table Math, Book 1, my four-year-old daughter woke up each morning asking ‘Can we play math at the breakfast table?’”

—Bob Ogle,
father of two

“I highly recommend Kitchen Table Math as a way to help children love working with numbers and recognize that math is a fun and natural part of the world.”

—Molly Robinson,
retired teacher

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These books provide step-by-step guides to how you can help your child develop good math skills and do well in school. They also include activities and games so that you and your child can have fun while exploring these early stages of your child’s mathematical journey.

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Dr. Wright’s Kitchen Table Math Book 1


$21.95  |  Suggested Ages: 2 to 8  |  View Table of Contents  |  View Excerpts

This book is for children just beginning their mathematical journey. It covers counting up to 100, using fingers or other manipulatives to do single-digit addition and subtraction, single-digit multiplication and division, and beginning work with fractions. Heavy emphasis is placed on learning this arithmetic in an interesting structured way, rather than use brute force memorization. It also has beginning treatments of equations, geometry, reasoning, measurements, time, probability, graphing, and money.

Dr. Wright’s Kitchen Table Math Book 2


$21.95  |  Suggested Ages: 6 to 12  |  View Table of Contents  |  View Excerpts

This book covers arithmetic at the elementary school level. Counting and place value are covered up through thousands, millions, and billions. Arithmetic with fractions and multi-digit numbers is broken down into small steps and covered in great detail. Place value and regrouping is thoroughly investigated as a way to understand this arithmetic, rather than memorizing meaningless mechanics. In addition to the arithmetic, this book plays with numbers with chapters on number sense, number theory, number bases, and the history of numbers.
Book 2

Dr. Wright’s Kitchen Table Math Book 3


$21.95  |  Suggested Ages: 6 to 12  |  View Table of Contents  |  View Excerpts

This is the companion volume to the second book, covering the non-arithmetic aspects of elementary school mathematics. It starts with chapters on solving equations and then uses that skill to solve many kinds of word problems. This is followed by chapters on reasoning, probability and counting, statistics and graphing, geometry, measurements, and money.
Book 3
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