Dr. Wright

Hello—Iím Chris Wright, author of the Dr. Wrightís Kitchen Table Math books. These books started about 20 years ago in the form of four pages of notes I wrote for my brother and his family. Over the years, those four pages have grown into three books and over 700 pages.

Math has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I took every math class I could in school, and I also sought many early opportunities to teach mathematics. After receiving my Ph.D. in mathematics from Stanford University in 1980, I worked as an Assistant Professor at Duke University for a few years before moving to the field of software. However, about fifteen years ago I moved back to doing what I love most—teaching math. These books are a compilation of everything Iíve learned through my experiences as a parent teaching my own two children, and home schooling one of them for two years, as well as my experiences as a tutor for children of all ages and more recently as a middle- and high-school teacher.

Through these books I hope to pass on what Iíve learned through my years teaching children math and hopefully helping them learn to enjoy it as well. These books are intended to help other parents do the same with their own children.

Dr. Wright with his first students, Becky and Danny
Dr. Wright's first student, Becky Dr. Wright's first student, Becky Dr. Wright's second student, Danny Dr. Wright's second student, Danny
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