Dr. Wright's Kitchen Table Math

“After a couple of weeks of playing games from Kitchen Table Math, Book 1, my four-year-old daughter woke up each morning asking ‘Can we play math at the breakfast table?’”

—Bob Ogle,
father of two

“I highly recommend Kitchen Table Math as a way to help children love working with numbers and recognize that math is a fun and natural part of the world.”

—Molly Robinson,
retired teacher

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Kitchen Table Math

Welcome! This site is focused on math education for young children, from toddlers starting to count, to children about to start pre-algebra. The primary focus of this site is providing families with resources to make math education fun, relevant, and effective in their home. However, most of these resources are useful to anyone involved in children’s math education.

Featured on this site are my three books: Dr. Wright’s Kitchen Table Math. These books are designed to help parents do math with their children. Beyond these books, this site contains resource lists of math books to read for fun with your child, books that have puzzles or teaching ideas, mathematical games that are fun and that teach math skills, and links to helpful math education sites around the internet.

I hope you find this site useful. If you have comments, questions, or additional ideas for resources, I would love to hear from you!

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